Wednesday, January 13, 2010

As Seen on Etsy: MiaMallows

Dessert bars are common place at weddings nowadays (I don't have to tell you that!), filled with delectable custom desserts like French macarons and miniature cupcakes. But have you ever thought about gourmet marshmallows? No not the kind you slap between two graham crackers and call it a s’more, the kind that come in flavors like dulce de leche and pomegranate. Well you’re in luck! For Notable Inspiration’s first “As Seen on Etsy” feature, I’ve scouted out Etsy vendor MiaMallows, who offers nearly 30 different flavored marshmallows (that means you’re almost guaranteed to find one in your color palette!)! They are extra large too… does life get any better? Not only would they be great for a dessert bar, but what about packaging a few for a delicious favor? Or just serve them on the dance floor as your reception winds down, either way, they'll be irresistible to your guests!

{Flavors: Row 1- Coffee, Pineapple and Peach… Row 2- Vanilla and Coconut… Row 3- Pomegranate, Praline with Pecans and Cotton Candy}

P.S.- The peach MiaMallows will be making an encore in Notable Inspiration’s first Etsy Wedding tomorrow, Sneak Peak coming soon!

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