Friday, July 30, 2010

Head on over to Notable's Inspiration!

It's time for your weekly dose of Notable's Inspiration, lots of new things including some melt-your-heart dog photos! I'm headed to Disneyland this weekend to get my Disney fix before I head on back to the east coast next week. Speaking of Disneyland, this photo below is from my dream engagement session... uh, who wouldn't want to shoot their e-session at Disneyland!? So, be sure to check the whole shoot out! Wishing everyone a happy and fun-filled weekend, see you Monday!

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Etsy Wedding: An Art Inspired Wedding

Lately I've been longing for those days when I actually had time to sit down and sketch or paint. (Will there ever be enough hours in the day?) So, I'm living vicariously through this Etsy wedding which is all about bright colors, paint splatters and everything in between. This is for the art loving couple that isn't afraid of bright hues and doesn't want anything to do with tradition. Why not boast a bouquet of Sola wood flowers. Yes, I said wood flowers. Pop your shoes, and his tie, with some splatters and get those 'maids in the brightest thing you can find. Mini wooden paint palettes for placecards and those awesome paint-swatch books for favors. Name each table after a different and unique hue and paint a mini canvas to step-in as a pseudo table number. Of course, what could be more perfect a wedding then this for an art inspired guest book? Blow up a picture, print the outline on a canvas, grid it and have each guest paint their own square. Tada! A painter's paradise!

{1. Purple Sola Wood Flowers by NotionsNThings, 2. Orange Sola Wood Flowers by NotionsNThings, 3. Paint Sample Notebooks by Crab Apple Design, 4. Bow Dress by Nandinoo, 5. Paintbrush Photo by A Peace of Cake, 6. Art Splattered Pumps by You Should Be In Sweden, 7. Wedding Dress by The Peppermint Pretty, 8. Palette Cutouts by Perennial Crafts, 9. Mini Canvases by Grafix, 10. Flower Pot Photograph by Rebecca Plotnick, 11. Modern Art Tie by k.j.m. Silks

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

As Seen On Etsy: Sweet Plume

Flower girl glam is the theme here today, everyone! Sweet Plume's sweet and sassy children's dresses are made with trimmings like feathers and fabrics like silk and tulle. They pump up that fashion factor for the little ones in your bridal party and there is certainly nothing wrong with that! I am personally a huge fan of their black and white styles (Geez, can you tell?) and on a non-wedding note, there's a cupcake costume in their Etsy shop that I could die for (What? It's never too early to prep for Halloween!).

{All Products and Images via Sweet Plume's Etsy Shop}

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Color Inspiration: A Rehearsal Dinner Picnic

There's never very much rehearsal dinner love on wedding blogs so today's post, while it could most certainly work for a wedding, is ideal for a casual, outdoor rehearsal dinner picnic! I told you yesterday that I fell in love with these screen-printed place mats so they were the inspiration for today! I love the idea of stacking a bunch of crates or picnic baskets and filling them with everything you'd need for the perfect picnic! Place mats, wooden utensils, drinkware, the works! A few tables and benches, maybe some simple garlands or strands of lights and a fan to keep everyone cool. The perfect time to relax and enjoy your company, before the {often} hectic day-of!

{1. Boat Photo via Madame Cupcake, 2. Gift Tags by Paper Eclectiques, 3. Paper Garland by Maisy and Alice, 4. Screen Printed Place Mat by i am dorkas, 5. Fan Photo via Madame Cupcake, 6. Picnic Tables Photo via Flickr, 7. Dress via Anthropologie, 8. Stacked Crates styled by Lotta Agaton}

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Monday, July 26, 2010

The Renegade Craft Fair: Los Angeles

I caught a glimpse of heaven yesterday. Heaven, to me, comes in the form of over 200 incredibly talented and undeniably creative crafters, apparently. Los Angeles was happily invaded by the Renegade Craft Fair, and sponsored by my other true love, Etsy, I had to attend! In short... it knocked. my. socks. off. I was able to meet a few faces behind some very familiar names and I was introduced to a TON of new Etsy vendors that will probably be popping up in my upcoming As Seen on Etsy & Etsy Wedding posts. Luckily I had my resident photographer along with me to capture a few of my favorite {and wedding perfect} booths.

I made my first purchase at by belinda, who makes the sweetest hand embroidered cards for her Etsy shop (Perfect for thank you notes and bridesmaid gifts!). At the craft fair she was also selling scrap packs, which is what I purchased with all sorts of little scrapbooking goodies like ticket stubs, paper swatches and ribbon trimming. How could I resist?

Chandra Abel Designs had a booth that caught my eye. She was showcasing her sustainable terrariums, in all shapes and sizes, and all I could think about was a Palm Springs wedding with these as centerpieces. That is, centerpieces that don't get tossed in the trash after the wedding. Bonus!

These next few pictures are a little blurry (I pulled them from my Flip cam) but I just couldn't leave this booth out! I was so surprised and ecstatic to see Oh, Hello Friend, a blog I have long been following, with a booth of their own! I found these buttons and pocket mirrors and would love to see them used as placecards turned favors or goodies in a bridesmaid gift basket. 

I flipped over these place mats from i am dorkas! Hello outdoor picnic wedding! 

Ticings was a product I was longing to see in person. They are essentially edible stickers that you can slap on top of cupcakes, cookies and other confections for the perfect finishing touch. Guess what? They are even customizable!

The Poster List has been popping up at many events I've gone to this summer and I finally got the chance to purchase something! The prints are so original, one of the large ones would make a great guest book alternative, or buy several small ones to incorporate into your table numbers!

Yup, I had to include that Frenchie! But seriously, you have to, have to, have to see the rest of Sycamore Street Press's products, it was hard to resist all the letterpress awesomeness!

If you are so upset you missed it after seeing this post (or, if your so sad its over, like me), have no fear! The Renegade Craft Fair will be continuing its tour this summer and fall in San Francisco and Chicago! If you don't live in or near those cities, get those tickets booked or that road trip planned because you really cannot miss this!

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Head on over to Notable's Inspiration!

I've been slacking on the Notable's Inspiration front, but no fear... there's a slue of new inspiration up for your to feast your eyes on! I couldn't be more excited to be heading to the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend and I can't wait to check out the workshops and all the vendors that have brought their handmade goodies there! Follow me on Twitter for updates throughout the fair!

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Etsy Wedding: Victorian Romance in Seafoam and Beige

The Victorian, romantic style can be over-the-top luxurious (Versailles, anyone?) or subtle and demure. Today, I took the latter route with a seafoam green and beige palette, complete with cameos, gold accents and even a few feathers. Typically, I would think of roses in conjunction with Victorian style, but why not do the unexpected with baby's breath bouquets instead? How about those passport (to Paris?) invitations and that statement necklace? And that cupcake you see... its actually vegan soap, think favors, favors, favors!

{1. Cameo by Poppy Loves Paris, 2. Shoe Clips by Lemon Ring, 3. Feather Fascinator by Tulet, 4. Shea Butter Soap Cupcake by Verbena Custom Blends, 5. Passport Invitation by Peacock Invitations, 6. Cufflinks by Simple Yet Elegant, 7. Children's Dress by Baby Beenos, 8. Typewriter Photo by Yvette Inufio, 9. Baby's Breath Photo by Yvette Inufio, 10. Statement Necklace by Gabrielle Louise, 11. Earrings by The Smiling Soul}

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

As Seen On Etsy: The Gilded Bee

Today's post started out with me talking just about all those adorable paper flowers. I know what you're thinking... "Just those flowers... there's more?" Yep, there is. The Gilded Bee is more like a mini Etsy empire with a store overflowing with paper products that had me glued to my computer screen for hours. Let's start with the flowers... poppies and daisies to roses and dahlias... in any. color. you. want. Seriously, neutrals, pastels, vibrant hues, everything. Now the question is, what to do with them? Make an all paper bouquet, glue a pin on a bunch of poppies and use it as a boutonniere, or (if your having an intimate wedding) give each guest their own mini bouquet as a placecard turned favor.

{All Products and Images via The Gilded Bee's Etsy Shop}

Outside of the 160 flower options The Gilded Bee offers just as many varieties in other paper goodies, like cardstock buttons, tags and labels, butterflies and favor boxes. Now it's your turn to spend a few hours exploring... by clicking here.

{All Products and Images via The Gilded Bee's Etsy Shop}

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Color Inspiration: All About Pomegranate

Pomegranate has to be one of the best shades of red, and the fruit itself makes a great element to carry throughout a wedding! Pomegranate place cards and pomegranate infused drinks and dishes will please your guests eyes and their stomachs. For you, bold lips and nails, for your maids, red dresses. Choose long tables with romantic candles and florals and even add hint of country with benches instead of chairs. Favors? Perfectly white tea-cups filled with bags of pomegranate tea!

{1. Beauty Photo via Shana Faust, 2. Couple Photo via Brancoprata, 3. Pomegranate Seed Ice Cubes via Country Living, 4. Teacup and Red Nails Photo via Flickr, 5. Shoe Photo via Dandelion and Grey, 6. Red Dress by Audrey and Grace, 7. Pomegranate Placecards via Martha Stewart Weddings, 8. Necklace by Anthropologie, 9. Tablescape via Style Me Pretty}

Aspiring to Inspire,


Monday, July 19, 2010

Notables: My Current Favorite DIY Projects

As I prep to start posting regular DIY projects of my own (YAY!), here's a few projects and print-outs that have been hanging out in my "Awesome DIY Ideas" folder. Enjoy, enjoy, and if you are looking for something specific in a DIY project, let me know in the comments below and I will get crackin' on it!

This birthday surprise from Oh Happy Day! is one of the best things I have seen in, well, ever. And it can so easily be translated into a great wedding or bridal shower surprise. In short, you print out a large image, cut it into squares and send one to family and friends (or guests, in this case). Along with the squares, send directions asking them to return the pieces with a special note or memory on the back. It creates a great art piece with even better meaning. I'm in love! Click here to see how it turned out and here to see the full how-to instructions.

Summer brides in need of last minute favors, I know you're out there! These floral tags from Eat Drink Chic are great to tie on to bottles lemonade or old-fashioned soda, or to top off take-out boxes for your candy bar.

Love these printable vintage-style labels, slapped on just about anything really!

Eeeek! I've been on a garland kick lately (Hey, at least I'm admitting it!) and this garland getaway car decoration is so great! Martha does it again...

Aspiring to Inspire,


Friday, July 16, 2010

Foodie Find: Ming Makes Cupcakes

Whether cupcakes are a has-been trend or a happening trend where you are, they will always be the way to go in my mind. Maybe it's for a wedding or maybe it's just for yourself (Yes, I've been known to do that) cupcakes are never a bad idea in my mind. I came across Ming Makes Cupcakes and almost fainted when I saw the thirty three delicious cupcake flavors. Take that Baskin Robins! I've picked a few of my favorites to share here but you absolutely must head over to Ming Makes Cupcakes for the rest. There's even an extra bonus in the form of homemade thin mints in the cookie section! Happy Weekend to you!

{All Recipes via Ming Makes Cupcakes}

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Etsy Wedding: Lemon & Hot Pink with Hints of Pistachio & Hazelnut

Can you handle all those foodie colors in one? Guess I have food on the brain this week, first salmon & eggplant and now a little fun with lemony yellow! Pair that color with a bright, bright pink for quite the eye-popping summer palette. I've toned it down with subtle nods to pistachio and hazelnut hues... like in the flower girl dress and fab garland. Lemonade or lemon drops for drinks and yummy lollipops for dessert too! Have fun with prints for summer weddings and print your table numbers on printed paper, framed in hot pink frames. There's nothing wrong with grown-up streamers, especially as chair decor! Choose lemons or hot pink peonies (or both!) for your centerpieces and that's a wrap!

{1. Bridesmaid Dress by Holly Stalder, 2. Ruffled Garland by The Gilded Bee, 3. Making Lemonade Photo by Claire Wise, 4. Children's Tie by 42nd and Orange, 5. Picture Frame by 2 Dogs Wood Working, 6. Necklace by Coco Boudoir, 7. Baby Dress by Laurence and Carmine, 8. Lemonade Photograph by Julie Lynne Ivens, 9. Flower Garland by I Do Wedding Wares, 10. Lollipops by This Charming Candy}

Aspiring to Inspire,


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

As Seen On Etsy: Holly Stalder

Holly Stalder has fulfilled my "I love ruffles" quota for the week! Her gorgeous Etsy shop is full of fluttery fabrics, lovely layers and ruffles, ruffles everywhere. These dresses are perfect for a fun and flirty bride who doesn't want a gown that everyone else has, too. So many styles are easily translated into bridesmaid attire, and that backless black one (my personal favorite) would be a knock-out rehearsal dinner dress. If you already have your dress and are looking for that extra bit of pretty, be sure to check out the romantic shrugs too!

{All Products and Images via Holly Stalder's Etsy Shop}

Aspiring to Inspire,


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Color Inspiration: Salmon, Eggplant & Chartreuse

We see lots of pinks, corals and peaches in weddings, but what about a slightly different hue... like salmon? This color is so interesting paired with anything from navy to aqua to eggplant and chartreuse, like I've done here. This palette really pops with a little bit of retro flair. Vintage dresses with chartreuse sashes, Izze drinks for your guests and hand painted signs to start. I love those charming, sculptural centerpieces (why not build them from spray painted milkshake glasses?), especially interspersed with vibrant chartreuse votive holders. Outside? Complete this peppy, retro occasion with twinkle lights galore!

{1. Daffodil Photo by Amelia Kay Photography, 2. Bride Photo via Once Wed, 3. Table Photo via Martha Stewart Weddings, 4. Glass Bottle Photo via Decor8, 5. Chair Photo via Style Me Pretty, 6. Izze Photo via Flickr, 7. Retro Kitchen Photo via Elizabeth Anne Designs, 8. Salmon Shoe Photo via Junebug Weddings, 9. Dance Sign via Once Wed, 10. Salmon Pants Photo via Southern Weddings, 11. Votives by Glassybaby}

Aspiring to Inspire,


Monday, July 12, 2010

Notables: Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

I'm taking on something I've never taken on before here on Notable... engagement rings! Now, if you already have a rock on your finger, I know you won't mind taking a look at a little more bling (so keep scrolling!) and if your not yet "frosted," get ready for some serious eye candy and get the hints rolling! Of course, in non-traditional tradition, none of these rings are your typical engagement ring. I'm not one to want the ring that every girl has, so keep an open mind and take a look at these unique stunners! Which one is your favorite?

Not feeling the diamond thing? Why not get a few dainty stackable bands instead?

No other words than... in love!

I love colored stones and stones that just aren't diamonds... a little classic elegance anyone?
{via Brides}

Pretty, pretty vintage-style setting!

Totally different and totally perfect for the down to earth bride-to-be!

No matter what, I will always favor a rectangular shape over a round one!

This is probably my favorite of the whole post... the classic, emerald cut and the double, vintage-esque band... perfection!

Aspiring to Inspire,


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

As Seen On Etsy: Sparkles Kitchen

Remember those delicious looking macarons from yesterday's wow-inducing color inspiration? Well, guess what... you can buy them on Etsy! Yep, Etsy's amazed me again... this time with Sparkles Kitchen who sells french macarons in flavors that I would kill for. Raspberry Cream Cheese or Sumiyaki Coffee anyone? Yeah, I thought so. So if you are loving the current macaron trend... now you know you can head on over to Etsy for some petite dessert goodness!

{All Products and Images from the Sparkles Kitchen Etsy Shop}

Aspiring to Inspire,


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Color Inspiration: Modern Gray, Yellow and Copper Wedding

Has everyone recovered from their July 4th festivities? Well we're taking a 360 degree turn from red, white and blue today to my newest color palette obsession- gray, yellow, copper and white! It is not a secret that mustard and gray are my favorite colors of all time and I love the added pop of a coppery hue. Take this palette modern with paper flowers, graphic placecards and simple fabric garlands. If you still want a little something classic, why not stick back to my other old favorite... seersucker! Alright, I'm in love.

{1. Placecards via Martha Stewart Weddings, 2. Mini Bowl by Etco, 3. Bridesmaid Dresses via Style Me Pretty, 4. Seersucker Suit via Once Wed, 5. Bride Photo via Style Me Pretty, 6. Paper Flowers via The Sweetest Occasion, 7. Shoe Photo via Duet Letterpress, 8. Macarons via Sparkles Kitchen, 9. Fabric Garland by CONFETTISYSTEM

Aspiring to Inspire,


Friday, July 2, 2010

Fourth of July: Eat, Look and Craft Well!

Taking a little detour from the wedding world today (Head over to The Bridal Bar Blog for a fun July 4th themed wedding post instead!) for a little something for everyone! July 4th is this weekend (when did it get to be July?!) and if you're like me, your plans are still up in the air! Well, I'm here to help you throw together a little something to eat, wear and craft in red, white and blue! Time to get festive!

Wear this...

...Anthropologie dress, TOMS wedges and J. Crew bracelet!

Eat (and drink) that...

....Cocktail from Guy Fieri, White chocolate and raspberry dessert from My Tartelette and Berry & Mint Salad from Martha Stewart!

Craft those...

...Paper cones from Martha Stewart, Sparkler cards from Twig & Thistle and place cards from Country Living!

Happy Holiday Weekend!

Aspiring to Inspire,


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Color Inspiration: Nude and Lavender

Today's palette is perfectly light and airy with lavender and a stunning nude (erring on the side of peach). Simple, glowing romance is the theme here with lots of tulle and subtle lavender bouquets. Had to throw in this holy-wow Vera gown, and of course, the perfect pair of nude pumps (which every girl should have, wedding or no wedding!).

{1. Ring Photo by Jose Villa via Style Me Pretty, 3. Bow Fascinator by Untamed Petals, 4. Gown Photo via Visionari Blog, 5. Shoe Photo by Susan Stripling Photography, 6. Lavender Bowl Photo via Style Me Pretty, 7. Bow Tie by With Care, 8. Bridesmaids Photo via Style Me Pretty, 9. Lavender Bouquet Photo by Elizabeth Messina}

Mini bouquets of lavender for place cards (and favors... score!) and for centerpieces, why not lay lavender on the table or suspend stems above the table with beautiful nude lace. Lucky for you, and your guests, this palette allows for the prettiest of dessert bars, covering everything from lavender macarons and cupcakes to fun rock candy!

{1. Rock Candy via Ruffled, 2. Favor Boxes via Brancoprata, 3. Invitation via Style Me Pretty, 4. Macaron Photo via Postcards and Pretties, 5. Lavender Fields Photograph by Georgianna Lane, 6. Nude Lace via Flickr, 7. Lavender Placecards via Rex and Regina, 8. Cupcakes via The Icing on the Cake Spain, 9. Lavender Whiskey Sour via Martha Stewart Weddings}

Aspiring to Inspire,


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