Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Color Inspiration {Book Week}: A Madeline Inspired Wedding

In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines, lived twelve little girls in two straight lines. Now... you can't tell me that doesn't bring back fond memories? If you're liked me you loved all things Madeline (Hey, I even had a fantastic Madeline themed birthday one year!) and, if you've been hanging around Notable for awhile, you'll know I am an advocate for keeping your childhood loves alive and kicking long past those years of innocence. Madeline's mix of youthfulness and innocence against a backdrop of Parisian romance makes quite the jumping off point for a wedding... and here we go!

Well, first thing's first.. you have to wear a hat. The hat. The brim, the bow, the works. Dresses can be simple and subtle with pops of red shoes (and some rain boots to change into for fun pictures!). Why not have the flower girl carry a small suitcase instead of a flower basket (maybe not as practical, but certainly just as cute!)? Navy bouts and yellow bouquets. Your attire is where you can really play up those primary colors Madeline is known for!

{1. Madeline House via Pandalove, 2. Bouquet by Holly Heider Chapple Flowers, 3. Hat by Hold The Wire, 4. Shoes via Anthropologie, 5. Flower Girl Dress by J. Crew, 6. Wedding Dress by J. Crew, 7. Boutonniere by Fritts Rosenow Bespoke Boutonnieres, 8. Suitcase by The Fancy Lamb, 9. Rainy Day Bride and Groom via Elizabeth Anne Designs

An ivy covered backdrop for your nuptials or an ivy covered trellis above your reception would really bring in that classic, beautiful aspect we all know and love about the books. Attach a found objection (all different, of course) to each place card along with a Madeline-esque bow and hang them on string or tacked to a bulletin board for a fun and vintagey place card display. Place eye-popping yellow arrangements down the center of long tables (in two straight lines...), with mismatched China, as if you had just robbed a French bistro.  And, what else but French pastries for dessert? Provide red tins for guests to take home what they couldn't eat, and tie a little tag on each saying "Merci Beaucoup!" 

{1. Teacups via Anthropologie, 2. Wedding Invitations by Shine Invitations, 3. Yellow Ribbon via Martha Stewart Weddings, 4. Long Tables Photo via Style Me Pretty, 5. Ivy Covered Venue Photo The Foundry L.I.C.,  6. Bow Place Cards via Kate Landers Events, 7. Found Object Display via French Knot, 8. Croquembouche via You and Your Wedding, 9. Place Card Display via Style Me Pretty, 10. Centerpieces via Martha Stewart Weddings}

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Notables: Book Inspired Wedding Decor to Kick Off Book Week!

Oh boy, are you all in for an exciting week! I've been wanting to do a book-inspired wedding week for a very long time and it's finally time to share the literary love! Today we're going to start off with some book-inspired decor and the rest of the week I'll be bringing you some inspiration based on some of my very favorite books... everything from Madeline to Jane Eyre! And, if all goes well... Thursday I am going to have an extra special bonus surprise for everyone!

{via Flickr}

Turn books into table numbers and craft book pages into elaborate centerpieces (see the wreath below!). Stack books on your dessert bar or use a card catalog to organize your place cards. If your budget allows, buy copies of your favorite book as a favor for guests (see what kind of discount you can get for buying in bulk!), and stick a little thank you label inside! Now for some inspiration...

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Etsy Wedding: Summery Peaches to Fall Browns & Greens

It's that time of year... ya know, when we make that transition into fall. It's kind of bittersweet because while I hate saying bye to the warm weather and hello to the cold, I do love the opportunity to wear boots again! Today's Etsy wedding bridges the gap between those beautiful, romantic summery shades (like peach in this case) and those browns and greens you only find when fall comes around. Perfect for early September weddings, pair beautiful peach colored blooms and summery accessories with acorn accented elements like cupcake toppers and a nest-like ring bearer bowl! Incorporate branches into your centerpieces and if you can, say your I do's outdoors, preferably under a canopy of trees draped in garlands with leaves just waiting to jump right into their fall glory!

{1. Ring Bearer Nest by Dearjes, 2. Acorn Cufflinks by Cosmic Firefly, 3. Flower Bib Necklace by Mojo Spa Style, 4. Cake Truffles by Velvet Cream Bakery, 5. Flower Photo by Walter Helena Photography, 6. Paper Garland by Kristina Marie, 7. Acorn Cake Toppers by Fairyfolk, 8. Nature Photograph by Lupen Grainne Photography, 9. Wedding Dress by Holly Stalder}
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

As Seen On Etsy: LemonRing

I'm finally back! It's been quite the crazy two weeks in my life moving from Los Angeles back to the east coast but I am finally settling back down and ready to bring you all some more inspiration. PLUS I have some very exciting news that I'll be sharing with you all next week, so be sure to stay tuned! Anyway, what better a form of inspiration to start out with than these fantastic shoe clips by Etsy vendor LemonRing? All made of ultra-femme fabrics like chiffon and mesh, I bet you can find a color you like! I, of course, am in love with the nude color and that fantastic yellow... boy am I predictable huh? But they all make me want to fancy up my shoes a bit and they are all a great way to turn a comfortable (but not so pretty) wedding shoe into one you can walk in, and show off!

{All Products and Images via LemonRing's Etsy Shop}

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Friday, August 6, 2010

On the Road Again...

It's finally time for me to make the trek back across the country after a fantastic summer at The Bridal Bar! So, I'll be taking a little break from Notable next week but don't worry! You can check out some awesome posts coming up on The Bridal Bar Blog next week.. and Notable's Inspiration is updated as well! Enjoy, enjoy, have an awesome weekend and I'll see you all on the other side of the country!

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Etsy Wedding: A Sunny and Bright Wedding with Aqua & Yellow

A little inspiration from the sky and the sun today... since I'll be missing endless days of sunshine when I head back to the east coast's not-so-perfect-weather next week. Since this was in fact inspired by the sky, I added a bird motif for a little whimsical fun. Gotta go with one of my favorites... yellow billy balls for florals, in aqua vases (spray paint always works to turn all sorts of vases into a uniform set!). Sweet cake stands to hold your mini-bunting adorned desserts and graphic stationery for a modern touch. For favors give those awesome blank notebooks... and even customized pencils if you'd like! Ahhh there's nothing better than blue skies and sunshine!

{1. Dress by Sarah Seven, 2. Mini Blank Notebook by Bang Bang You're Thread, 3. Ring Pillow by Woomi, 4. Necklace by Rachelle D, 5. Flowers & Vase by Flores Del Sol, 6. Invitation by Pink Lily Press, 7. Cake Stand by Vessels and Wares, 8. Cake Bunting by Kiki La Rue, 9. Boutonniere by Eco-Lectic Events, 10. You & Me Print by Bang Bang You're Thread}

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

As Seen On Etsy: Kiki La Rue

It was love at first sight when I saw Kiki La Rue's cake bunting on Design*Sponge. Seriously, mini bunting atop a cake? It is too, too good to be true. For those who are eco-conscious, all the adorable bunting is made from vintage and recycled fabric, so there's another excuse to fall in love. How perfect for a bridal shower or a wedding dessert bar? I may need to throw a party just so I can buy these! Which one is your favorite?

{All Products and Images via Kiki La Rue's Etsy Shop}

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Color Inspiration: A Winter Wonderland Wedding

It may be summer, but there's nothing wrong with thinking a little ahead right? You have to after all in this industry! Today's color inspiration is all about a luscious winter wonderland. A lot of winter brides tend towards deep jewel tones (Lots of red, red, red!) but my favorite winter weddings are the ones inspired by the beautiful whites, creams and silvers you see pop up during the wintertime. If you choose pure white for your gown, put your 'maids in daring ivory and creams. Or, if you choose an ivory dress the girls can wear all sorts of shades of gray (that goes for the groomsmen too!). Ivory-hued flowers against dusty miller (Ok, any plant that can bring the color gray to a palette is alright in my book!) set in wallpaper wrapped vases. A few silver votive holders too and pretty pastries for dessert. Drape something, like the cake table or even the whole room, in airy cream colored fabrics. Present your favors in dynamic, monochromatic boxes with any and every detail you can compile. To get the true wonderland feel, layer whites creams and grays wherever you can, with whatever you can!

{1. Dresses via The Cherry Blossom Girl, 2. Dessert via The Sweetest Occasion, 3. Votive Holder via Anthropologie, 4. Boutonniere by The French Mouse, 5. Flower Girl Dress by Sweet Plume, 6. Groom Photo via Style Me Pretty, 7. Swizzle Sticks by Pink Cherry Mama, 8. Favor Box via Ritzy Bee, 9. Cabin Photo via Busy Being Fabulous, 10. Centerpieces via Martha Stewart Weddings}

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Monday, August 2, 2010

A Few Lovely Links

I think I overstayed my welcome at Disneyland yesterday, and in turn today's Notables post is not quite complete. So I've gathered up a few lovely links from around the blogosphere to share with you! Nothing wrong with a little eye candy, be back tomorrow with a pretty new color inspiration!

Kiki La Rue cake bunting on Design*Sponge

Beautiful dresses on The Cherry Blossom Girl

My newest, hilarious obsession is Catalog Living

Super adorable dog photography... gets me every time!

Unbelievable Ring Shots on The Bridal Bar Blog

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