Wednesday, March 31, 2010

As Seen On Etsy: Green Post

A little eco-friendly goodness for you today from Etsy! I've used a few of this vendors items before and, per my usual pattern, decided it was time for a full feature! DC's getting greener (you now have to pay for plastic bags at food stores) and I'm trying to as well! Green Post is an awesome Etsy vendor that makes plantable tags and upcycled (Definition: recycled for a new purpose) magnets. I'm madly in love with the tags. They would be so great for place cards turned favors that your guests can plant post-wedding. Those number tags, can you say table numbers? The magnets are fab favors too and they are made in the coolest way! Green Post takes bills, receipts and other junk paper and upcycles them to make these adorable little magnets. Pretty amazing, huh? Check it out, fall in love, and most importantly, be green!

{All Products and Images from Green Post's Etsy Shop}

Be sure to visit Green Post's Etsy shop to see all the goodies they offer!

Aspiring to Inspire,


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Color Inspiration: Berries, Gingham and Aqua

As promised, a little ode to the summer months to come with a berry and gingham wedding! I added in a few pops of aqua to break up all the red, red, red. This scheme was inspired by a Smucker's jar, actually (minus the aqua of course). I finished off a jar of jam and have been saving it to do something with (Ideas? Leave them below!). So I've been staring at it for a few weeks now and finally decided it was great inspiration for a summer wedding. Gingham, my favorite, and berries, another favorite... what could be better?

Oh man do I love this bridal party concept! I finally get to use the men's gingham shirts that I drool over every time I walk into J. Crew. And that perfect little bridesmaid dress... it's Forever 21. In place of a ring pillow (or flower girl basket) why not wrap some gingham ribbon around a real berry carton? Red bouquets with aqua accents and a gingham skirt for the flower girl. For the finishing touch, I could not resist those earrings! (you'll see why as you scroll down!)

{1. Gingham Shirt via J. Crew, 2. Hair Elastics via Blue Moon Studios, 3. Gingham Ribbon by The Tangled Lair, 4. Dress via Forever 21, 5. Shoe Shot by Sarah Rhoads via Santa Barbara Chic, 6. Earrings by PetitPlat, 7. Berry Basket Shot via Flickr, 8. Gingham Skirt by Redrane, 9. Bouquet Shot via Wedding Bee

For the reception, think fun and casual picnic. Gingham tablecloths and gingham luggage tags for place cards. Trade half your normal amount of flowers for Ball jars filled with berries. This DIY berry table number project is so very fitting and don't forget to "pop" the aqua, I suggest napkins and mini cake stands. For food... berries of course: why not change things up with berry-topped waffles. Nobody will turn down a good breakfast for dessert option!
{1. Tablescape via Country Living, 2. Printable Card via Runny Babbits, 3. Berry Waffle via Flickr, 4. Luggage Tags by Crown Bindery, 5. Napkin Shot via, 6. DIY Table Numbers via Style Me Pretty, 7. Cake via Martha Stewart Weddings, 8. Ball Jar Vases via Midwest Finds, 9. Currant Shot via Country Living, 10. Cupcake Shot by Jose Villa}

Aspiring to Inspire,


Monday, March 29, 2010

Notables: Berries!

Last week I did this citrus wedding and, well, I've kind of been on a fruit kick ever since. This could be because I went to the grocery store today and the strawberries looked edible (and affordable) now that it's getting closer to their peek season. Anyone who knows me knows I love strawberriesBut not only do they taste good, berries (all berries, not just my favorites) make interesting and stunning wedding decor! Of course, if your using them for the decor you might as well let your guests enjoy a few berry treats too. Check out these berry ideas that work both on your plate, and off it!

{Berry Wedding Cake via Martha Stewart Weddings}

{Strawberry Ring Shot by HH Fine Arts Photography via Southern Weddings}

{Currant Display via Country Living}

{Boutonnieres via D Magazine}

{Bouquet Shot by Kate Harrison via Wedding Chicks}

{Berry Basket Favors via Martha Stewart Weddings}

{Strawberries and Champagne via Bon Vivant}

{Berry Cupcakes Shot by Jose Villa}

I saved some of the best berry inspiration for tomorrow when I'll be bringing you a berry and gingham (my all. time. favorite. fabric.) wedding! Think... Smucker's! 

Aspiring to Inspire,


Friday, March 26, 2010

Making Things Happen

Where shall I start? Words. Words would be good right now. Problem is, there are no words. How do you describe an experience that asks you to face your fears and change your life? All I can say is wow. That's all I've been saying for the past 48 hours anyway.

For those of you that don't know, Making Things Happen is an intensive for wedding industry professionals that helps them face their fears, forget their past, overcome their hardships and live a better life, running a better business. It's held by two complete geniuses, Lara Casey (of Southern Weddings Magazine) and Jeff Holt (photographer extraordinaire). It all starts with a notebook.

{Bella had to get in on the action too!}

Throughout the seminar we filled the notebook with fears, goals, people we love and people we think hinder our abilities to succeed. It was a lot of self-reflection, something a lot of us (including me) don't do very often. But something we should probably do more. Yes, it sounds a little like therapy but it's not. At least not the kind of therapy where there's a man in a chair saying "And how does that make you feel?"

Rather, Lara and Jeff left us with completely awesome words of wisdom. A few of my favorites...

Bring the subconscious, conscious. Ask yourself not what is the problem but what is the opportunity? Nothing great was ever built by one person. Find stillness. And my favorite... Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Before I get to what my experience on Wednesday means for Notable Inspiration, I want to make a suggestion to anyone and everyone reading this. Whether you work in the industry, are a bride or a just a person that came across my blog on a whim, this can help you. It's called the daily download. And no, it doesn't have anything to do with computers. (Whew!) All it means is you take a few minutes everyday to write down anything (I repeat, anything) on your mind, big or small. From remembering to feed the dog to the next big idea that you think is going to change the world. It clears your mind, gets everything on paper and gives you a few minutes to breath. Try it, I dare you.

Now for the effects Making Things Happen will have on Notable. Well, your in luck, its only going to get better. I have so many ideas and things I want to put up on this blog and share with you all and it was one of the goals in my notebook to do so. To start, your going to see some DIY things popping up here and even some video blogging. I have big plans for this blog and I want to take all my fab readers with me. Give me your input, anything you'd like to see? I know what I want to do but what do you want me to do here?

For the next couple of weeks you may see a few posts about the lasting effects of Making Things Happen and my efforts to do just that, make things happen. I'm fired up, as the MTH slogan would say! This weekend I'm gathering all my ideas that are about to explode out of my over-working mind and hopefully I will have a more clear future for Notable to share with you soon. For now, I'm still just wowed.

{The DC Making Things Happen ladies! Special thanks to Holly of Holly Chapple Flowers for sharing this great picture!}

I also want to send a little shout out to all the women who poured their hearts out right along with me on Wednesday. Thank you for being so inspiring!

Aspiring to Inspire,


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Etsy Wedding: Old, New and Something Blue

Yesterday I had the unbelievable opportunity to attend Making Things Happen here in DC. Wow is all I can say. For those of you that don't know what MTH is, it's an intensive for wedding industry professionals who want to better their business and their lives by getting fired up and, yes, making things happen. That really doesn't describe it though, it's so much more than words can express. But more on that later... tomorrow's post will be devoted entirely to what I learned and what's going to be happening here on Notable as a result!

Since I had such a crazy, intense, life-changing day yesterday (and a pretty crazy week as well) I'm not bringing you a full Etsy wedding as promised but rather a few little gems I found to fulfill your something blue (and old, or new!). If you're still sticking to the timeless old, new, borrowed and blue tradition, Etsy is a GREAT, and I mean GREAT source for any and all of the above (well, borrowed might be a stretch, but, you get the point). Enjoy and come back tomorrow for my MTH round-up!

{1. Barrette by Kirsten Kuehn Designs,  2. Bottle Collection by Lisa's Retro Style, 3. Seamstress Pack by La Pomme Vintage, 4. Vintage Mail Box by Sputnik-A-Go-Go, 5. Teacups by Time for Treasures, 6. Screenprinted Ties by Cyberoptix Tie lab, 7. Vintage Dress by Clever Nettle, 8. Hat by Carolina Roses, 9. Damask Frame by Socktopus Creations

Aspiring to Inspire,


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

As Seen On Etsy: An Interview with Kirsten Kuehn Designs

Not only do I have an absolutely fantastic Etsy vendor to share with you today BUT I have a little interview with the designer herself too!  Kirsten Kuehn creates stunning, feminine, vintage inspired bridal accessories for her Etsy shop, Kirsten Kuehn Designs. She can make pretty much any accessory you desire for your wedding, from headbands and barrettes to sashes to garters to- my personal favorite- bouquet wraps. So many incorporate elements that I just adore- like the deco-inspired silver beading and feathers. I can almost guarantee you'll find something you love and it'll give your bridal ensemble that little touch of glam. Read on for a little Q & A with Kirsten herself!

Kirsten and I actually attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) at the same time and upon discovering her awesome bridal accessory business I had the opportunity to interview her about what she does and what inspires her, so go ahead and take a look behind the scenes at Kirsten Kuehn Designs!

Can you tell me a bit about how your business got started?

"I started making headbands for myself and friends, and after receiving an overwhelming amount of compliments and order requests, I decided to make a little business. Brides started coming to me asking to wear my headbands as sashes, so I started turning my focus into the wedding market, and here I am!"

Where do you draw inspiration from for your accessory designs?

"It sounds strange but the inspiration for my line comes from my favorite photographer, Tim Walker. His work is so whimsical and fairy tale like, almost like a dream. I am also inspired by Monique Lhuillier, who graduated from FIDM as well. She has become such well respected name in the bridal industry, I aspire to reach her level of success.

Any ideas on what the bridal accessory trends will be for 2010 (and beyond)?

"Bouquet wraps!! I started off with two bouquet wrap styles in my store and they've sold like crazy, I now offer 22 different kinds."

Since  I love to use Etsy vendors here on Notable, do you have any other favorite Etsy wedding vendors?

"Glamour Junkie has beautiful bridal shrugs and capes, The Wedding Collection where Carol Hannah of Project Runway offers the prettiest weddings gowns and bridesmaid dresses and Sarah Seven has the cutest bridal dresses."

A special thanks for Kirsten Kuehn and be sure to check out her Etsy shop by clicking here for all your bridal accessory needs! Come back tomorrow for an Etsy wedding with a little glam from Kirsten Kuehn Designs.

Aspiring to Inspire,


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Color Inspiration: Citrus, Wood & White Lace

In case you haven't figured it out yet, I love mixing textures. Life would be so boring otherwise, right? So today I have for you an interesting collection of citrus oranges, raw woods and delicate white anything (lace, doilies and crochet included). A little bit bright, a smidgen rustic and a lot of classic wedding white.

If this bridal party concept doesn't make you long for summer then I don't know what will! White cotton sundresses and eye-popping orange flats for the bride and perfectly citrus hued styles for the maids. A little khaki and polka dots for the men and dahlias in the flowers (though for this wedding, I'd keep the flowers minimal). Bring in the rustic wood elements with a statement ring and ring pillow alternative. And of course, finish it off with a darling doily flower basket and perfectly crocheted necklace.

{1. Dahlia Boutonniere via Martha Stewart Weddings, 2. Bouquet Shot by Jen Curtis via It's Mary Ruffle, 3. Doily Basket via Country Living, 4. Crocheted Necklace by A Common Thread, 5. Headband by Twigs & Honey, 6. Ring by Crumpet Cake, 7. Wood Ring Pillow by Little Wee Shop, 8. Citrus Bride Shot by James Carson Photography via Swatchbook Weddings, 9. Flower Girl Dress by J. Crew, 10. Dress Shot via Flickr}

I have been wanting to use these wood chargers in any and every board ever since I first laid eyes on them (and I apologize if you see them again), but finally I found the perfect place to do so. For the tables,  I'd trade florals for citrus fruits-- oranges and a few lemons here and there. Place them in glass bowls or jars and intersperse them between lacy paper lanterns and stunning vintage milk glass. I love the idea of a doily runner contrasting against a strong wood table, and think hanging an orange on the back of each chair is totally adorable. For favors, keep it simple with a citrus-themed candy bar or mini mimosa kits!

{1. Citrus Jar Shot via Victoria Pearson, 2. Wood Chargers by Z Gallerie, 3. Doily Luminaries via Martha Stewart Weddings, 4. Milk Glass Vases by Haven Vintage, 5. Citrus Centerpiece via Martha Stewart Weddings, 6. Vintage Doily Runner via Country Living, 7. Door Monogram via Martha Stewart Weddings, 8. Wood Tray by Vintage Venatic, 9. Favor Boxes via Martha Stewart Weddings, 10. Platter by Anthropologie, 11. Chair Decor via Woman's Day}

Something about citrus is just so fresh, it really makes a great jumping off point for a wedding-- and there are tons of options other then my take on the fruitful inspiration. So, what do you think of the citrus wedding trend?

Aspiring to Inspire,


Monday, March 22, 2010

Notables: Button Up!

Well, lucky for me I won't have to be buttoning up for blizzards anymore here in DC (at least I hope not) but that doesn't mean I can't bring you a little spring button, yes... button, inspiration! They seem to be popping up everywhere, in the daintiest of details, and I love them! From decor to your stationery-- I've even included a recipe for adorable edible shortbread buttons! And, if you don't want to use them for your wedding they make great accents for bridal showers, too!

{Button Jar Shot by Jasmine Star}

This button-filled bridal shower really caught my eye on Wedding Chicks, I LOVE the table runner and hanging button decor!

{Button Table Runner and Decor via Wedding Chicks}

Buttons can be subtle too- like in these neutral (but totally adorable) place cards!
{Button Place Cards via Martha Stewart Weddings}

Why not spread buttons on your table amongst your arrangements? Very shabby chic (and budget-friendly)!

{Button Decor via Flickr}

{Button Boutonniere via Martha Stewart Weddings}

Button-adorned thank you notes anyone?

{Teacup of Buttons Cards by Much Love via Etsy}

And last but not least, shortbread buttons!

{Shortbread Button Recipe via Creature Comforts}

Aspiring to Inspire,


Friday, March 19, 2010

Weddings, Etc.: Live, Love and Be Inspired

I don't have to tell you that I find great interiors more inspiring than anything, especially for weddings. Today I kept it simple and found some fab interiors and some even more fab wedding shots from some of my favorite photographers. The result? A divine way to take cue from the room of your dreams and turn it into a dreamy big day.

Stripes are all the rage on design blogs right now. Pair it with classic black and white and you have absolute perfection.

{Bathroom Image via Apartment Therapy, Bouquet via Martha Stewart Weddings, Striped Sash via The Knot, Engagement Shot by Caroline Tran, Black Wedding Gown Shot by Jose Villa}

Feeling a little more colorful, like those to-die-for yellow chairs?  Spice up your summer wedding with a little hot pink, some sunshiny yellow and the neutral-of-summer, navy.
{Dining Room Image via The City Sage, Couple Shot by Jose Villa, Flower Arrangement via Martha Stewart Weddings, Groom Shot by Jessica Claire via Style Me Pretty}

And who could ever say no to gold? Take a risk and mix your metallics. If you do it right, its totally worth it.
{Sideboard Image via oh, hello friend, Couple Shot by Our Labor of Love, Chair Shot by Elizabeth Messina, Bride Shot by Jasmine Star}

Wishing everyone a bright and sunny weekend! It's finally warming up in DC and I'm off to scour some flea markets for all the little surprises I'm planning for Notable Inspiration in the future! Excited? I know I am!

Aspiring to Inspire,


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Etsy Wedding: A Vintage Equestrian Affair

What I'm bringing you today is so totally... completely... unrecognizably different from anything I've done on Notable Inspiration and I'm SO excited about it! I live right across the street from a gorgeous Ralph Lauren store and every time I go in I secretly want to live the RL lifestyle-- specifically that polo-playing, equestrian one. Maybe in my next life? For now I'm living vicariously through this equestrian wedding I created for you all, complete with lots of leather and rich shades of burgundy, emerald and navy.

I just had to look to Sarah Seven again for the bridal attire. Both dresses= To Die For! What about hiding a vintage pair of riding boots underneath those flowing gowns? A dapper groom in a subtle-plaid blazer and bold striped tie and of course a little plaid bow tie for the ring bearer! This vintage leather stud box makes a great stand-in for a ring pillow too! A little nod to the beautiful horses in the accessories and this affair is complete, with the tip of your velvet riding hat!

{1. Vintage Leather Stud Box by Vintage Pretty Things, 2. Plaid Bow Tie by The Bag Basement, 3. Ring by Studio Number Two, 4. Wedding Gown by Sarah Seven, 5. Navy Dress by Sarah Seven, 6. Vintage Riding Boots by Thrush, 7. Necklace by Contraray 8. Vintage Sport Coat by Good Grace, 9. Striped Wool Tie by The Dapper Apple, 10. Velvet Riding Hat by Alice Ave, 11. Vintage Leather Belt by Loving Lola, 12. Equestrian Cufflinks by Cool Curios, 13. Brooch by Uncaged Burt}

Here's how I envision the reception: long tables and bench chairs accented with distressed leather pillows. Leather vessels amongst jewel-hued glass jars and a few true equestrian artifacts sprinkled about for a truly authentic feel. To balance out the richness of these colors, some brass candlesticks will stand tall and elegant and for your favors none other then little leather journals (write the menu on the first page for a two-in-one money saver!).
{1. Leather Box by Atelier Achard Leather, 2. Leather Covered Brush by Jolly Time One, 3. Horse Bit Shadowbox by Bit and Bee,  4. Stationery Suite by Southern Fete Creative, 5. Leather Journals by Mooshchen 6. Leather Napkin Rings by Lillypop Designs, 7. Vintage Fountain Pens by Secondseed, 8. Leather Covered Glass Bottle by Donkee House, 9. Handpainted Box by Eclecticasia Creation, 10. Mason Jars by Antlers Out on a Limb, 11. Leather Pillow by Fine Thangz, 12. Brass Candlesticks by High Street Market}

Everyone ready to go saddle-up their horse? I'll see you there!

Aspiring to Inspire,


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

As Seen on Etsy: High Street Market

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Since I've been on an Irish kick the past two days, I decided to move on to a new topic for this As Seen on Etsy... one of my all time favorite Etsy vendors. Yep, I've been holding out on you... so behold, High Street Market, an Etsy vendor providing the BEST vintage finds for your wedding (and your future home!). 

Tomorrow's Etsy wedding has an elegant, Equestrian feel and I knew just where to look for some great vintage pieces to complement it. High Street Market seems to find everything-- from great milk glass pieces to brass and silver beauties like the ones you'll see featured tomorrow. Let's see where shall I start? How about with this refurbish bulletin board set in that stunning white frame. Can you say guest book (have guests pin up notes on aged paper)? What about a place card display? The platters and vessels (and those candlestick holders!) are easily and fabulously incorporated into tablescapes and the blue and white china... don't get me started!

Simply in need of inspiration? Why not pull ideas from the floral tray or that awesome globe? If you're as in love as I am, you can head over to High Street Market's very own blog for some more great ideas.

And don't forget! Come back tomorrow for Ralph Lauren style on a DIY budget!

Aspiring to Inspire,


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Color Inspiration: Kelly Green, Buttercup Yellow & Navy Blue

Feeling lucky after yesterday's post? Well I'm continuing the Irish theme with today's color inspiration so you really are in luck! And with this one, even if you're not Irish you can still be inspired, I promise! Now, I've never been to Ireland but am always told of the unexpected colors you find on the buildings lining the storybook streets. So that was my cue for this kelly green, buttercup yellow and navy blue wedding concept.

Despite Ireland's reputation for cloud cover and rainy days, I tried to bring some sunshine into this palette (but I threw in a polka dot umbrella for good measure!). Sunny yellow dresses and dapper bow ties with an adorable floral number for a petite flower girl. If you're feeling daring, and the season is appropriate, go for seersucker suits (they are my absolute favorite!) too. I chose baby's breath for the bouquets, but only baby's breath... keeping it simple but adding a delicate texture.

{1. Rainy Day Image via JL Designs, 2. Yellow Dress via Leifsdottir, 3. Ireland Image via Flickr, 4. Baby's Breath Bouquets via White Thread, 5. Polka Dot Bow Tie by Me and Matilda, 6. Boutonniere via Martha Stewart Weddings, 7. Gold & Green Necklace by Ruche, 8. Flower Girl Dress by Olive's Friend Pop}

Aren't the polka dot invitations darling? I told you, we're going for sunshiny bright like the buildings (not the weather!). White ruffly table cloths and a DIY ribbon chandelier contrasted with vintage lunch boxes and tackle boxes spilling over with more baby's breath. For favors, hand out tiny blooms (or bulbs) accented with a special thank you message calligraphed on these beautiful blue paper leaves.
{1. Ireland Image via, 2. DIY Wedding Chandelier via The Bride's Cafe, 3. Blue Paper Leaves via Papier Valise, 4. Baby's Breath Shot via Real Simple, 5. Yellow Display Shot via Martha Stewart, 6. Invitations by Wardrobe Stationery, 7. Vintage Lunch Box by Mod ala Bode, 8. Table Shot via The TomKat Studio, 9. Tackle Box by Hindsvik, 10. Bobbin Shot by Tec Petaja}

Why not frame images of these unbelievably hued buildings to display at your reception (table numbers anyone?). If you're like me, this is a great way to subtly weave inspiration from your culture into your wedding. A little less literal then bottles of Guinness or orange & green flags, no? And it's even more unexpected!

Aspiring to Inspire,


Monday, March 15, 2010

Notables: Lucky Charms

I'm back from a marvelous vacation and ready to bring you some fab inspiration this week. Of course, I can't overlook the upcoming St. Patrick's Day on Wednesday. My last name may be Italian, but the freckles on my face really say it all... I'm Irish too! Now, I don't want to just throw a ton of shamrocks and leprechauns at you and call it a day... instead I thought I'd take a cue from another theme of the Irish-- Luck! Everyone can use a little luck on their big day so why not guarantee it by incorporating a teensy touch of a very special lucky charm!

Before we get to the sophisticated goodness, I couldn't resist these lucky charm cupcakes. Don't deny it... I know every single one of you relished the days that you were allowed to pick just the marshmallows out of this classic cereal! So, why not incorporate it into your big day? They would be a great favor... get the mini, travel-sized box, wrap it up in your fabric of choice and attach a tiny silver lucky charm like the ones from this delicious wedding shot by Tec Petaja! It will make a great day-after breakfast for those who can't make it to the traditional brunch!
{Lucky Charms via Flickr}
{Lucky Charm Cupcakes via Flickr}
{Charms Shot by Tec Petaja}

Rewind a bit from the reception to your bridal shower and incorporate a traditional charm cake! Martha mentioned this in the latest MS Weddings issue (which, by the way, if you haven't picked it up yet, you must. Right now, I better see all of you trekking out to get it, rain or shine!). Bake a simple bunt cake and place little good luck charms in the center, attached to a special message, with a feminine ribbon flowing over the cake. One for each guest-- easy and interactive, the perfect combination!
{Charm Cake via Martha Stewart Weddings}
{Charm Cake via Australia Entertains}

Now, each of the following ideas incorporates a specific good luck charm. You can find all the charms I used at Dogeared, a darling little jewelry company who's been promoting wishing and good luck for quite some time! These delicate necklaces make excellent bridesmaid gifts! Accompanying each charming bauble are a few other ideas for incorporating these lucky symbols into your lovely day! Think ladybug rain boots and horseshoe boutonnieres!

{Ladybug Boot Image via Flickr}
{Ladybug Cake via The Knot}

{Plantable Tags by Green Post via Etsy}
{Maple-Star Anise Mousse via Dessert First}


{Horseshoe Boutonniere via Wedding Overdose Blog}
{Vintage Horseshoe Pen Holder by Bluebell via Etsy}


{Wishbones by Something's Hiding in Here via Etsy}

{Wishbone Postcards by Threefold via Etsy}

and of course... Four Leaf Clovers
{Shamrock Drink Shot via Style Me Pretty}
{Vintage Clover Paper Poker Chips by Azsolla via Etsy}

Aspiring to Inspire,


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