Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Color Inspiration: An "Up" Inspired Children's Reception

Disney is one of my all time favorite companies and I have been wanting to do a children's reception inspired by Disney Pixar's "Up" for so long! It is my all time favorite Pixar movie and after seeing this unbelievable party, I knew I had to translate it into a wedding appropriate theme-- for kids of course.

So behold, a rainbow colored, balloon filled, candy decorated concept for the children of your guests to enjoy. Let me preface this with the fact that in yesterday's post I said you could either go all out FUN for your children's reception or you could make it an elegant part of your wedding with kid friendly elements. Clearly with this I went for all out fun, but not to worry, Thursday's Etsy post will cover your other option with more demure pastels.

{1. Rainbow Party via Oh Happy Day!, 2. Candy Bar by Clau! via Hostess With the Mostess, 3. Rainbow Cake Tutorial via Hostess With the Mostess, 4. Bowls by IKEA, 5. Washy Squashy Modeling Soap via The Spoon Sisters, 6. Lollipop Photo via {frolic!}, 7. Lollipop Centerpieces via Rachael Ray, 8.  Crayon Rings via Birthday Girl Blog, 9. Confetti by Snowy652 via Etsy, 10. Balloon Gift Tags by Tiny Prints, 11. Hula Hoop Photo via Flickr, 12. Oversized Balloon by i luv sugar via Etsy}

I truly can't even handle the balloon table in this board, anybody that doesn't want to go back to their childhood and have a birthday like the one above must be out of their mind! If you really want to please your younger guests, all you have to do is think like a kid and think back to all those birthdays you loved.. because a children's reception really isn't all that different from a birthday celebration, except there's no birthday girl or boy! So for this over-the-top concept I've chosen centerpieces made of lollipops and a candy bar & rainbow cake to match! For entertainment try striped hula hoops, crayon rings and modeling soap (like modeling clay but with cleanly benefits)! The bowls from Ikea are only $2 for SIX! Can't beat that price, and of course finish the event with some bright confetti and balloon gift tags!

DISCLAIMER: I will not be held liable if your guests choose to attend the children's reception over the adult one! Who wouldn't want to have this much fun?

Aspiring to Inspire,


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