Friday, February 12, 2010

Weddings, Etc.: What to Serve at Your Children's Reception

To close out Kids & Wedding week, I'm bringing you some delicious, bite size food options that the kids at your wedding are guaranteed to enjoy. In fact, your adult guests will probably appreciate these treats too!


If you are having a casual, outdoor wedding why not buy cute lunch boxes and personalize them for each child. Then, fill the lunchbox with their meal for the celebration. Favors and a meal all wrapped up in one! I suggest a sandwich, a mini water bottle, and a special little snack. Remember, kids like simplicity. They won't be disappointed with mini PB & J, even if their parents are getting a four course meal. Especially when you supplement it with a dessert or candy buffet (see below!).

{Lunchbox Favors via Martha Stewart Weddings}

If you go for the sandwich idea, think about getting this fun puzzle sandwich cutter, it comes with four different shapes and adds a little something extra to any sandwich.

{Puzzle Sandwich Cutters via The Spoon Sisters}

If sandwiches just won't cut it for your wedding style, why not serve mini cheeseburgers and cones of french fries. I know, I know... we're not going for the health award here, but there's no better occasion then a wedding to let everyone splurge.

{Mini Cheeseburger Recipe via My Recipes}

{French Fry Cones Shot by Kate Webber Photography via Style Me Pretty}

Snack Time

Think popcorn. Not just one kind of popcorn, but a whole array of popcorn in a special popcorn bar. Caramel corn, popcorn drizzled with chocolate and of course classic movie-butter popcorn. It's the perfect snack and you can display it in adorable containers, either decorated paper lunch bags or classic striped containers.
{Popcorn via Style Me Pretty}

{Movie Popcorn via Flickr}

{Caramel Corn Shot by Carla Ten Eyck via Style Me Pretty


Now, on to dessert! If you didn't go for PB & J sandwiches, why not serve PB & J cupcakes! This recipe looks delicious and will definitely be a crowd pleaser.

{PB & J Cupcake Recipe via Betty Crocker}

Mini milkshakes are a great complement to a kid-friendly dessert bar. Make sure to finish each one with a fun twisty straw!

{Mini Milkshake Recipe via Martha Stewart}

And of course, for our Kids & Weddings week finale, you must check out Amy Atlas's unbelievable, to-amazing-for-words, candy and dessert bars. I've been pushing the "insert food of choice here"-bar all week and had to end it with some inspiration from Amy's famous creations. No matter what style your wedding is, what colors are in your palette, or what age your younger guests are... everyone will love (and remember) a darling dessert display.

{All Images via Amy Atlas}

That's a wrap! I hope you all enjoyed the theme this week! I certainly had a ton of fun! Would you like to see more children's receptions incorporated into my weekly posts? I am always looking for suggestions! But don't worry, if this wasn't your thing, I'll be back next week with some fab wedding inspirations, minus the PB & J cupcakes and crayons! We're finally starting to thaw out, after three feet of snow here in DC, and I couldn't be happier... enjoy your weekend!

Aspiring to Inspire,


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