Wednesday, March 31, 2010

As Seen On Etsy: Green Post

A little eco-friendly goodness for you today from Etsy! I've used a few of this vendors items before and, per my usual pattern, decided it was time for a full feature! DC's getting greener (you now have to pay for plastic bags at food stores) and I'm trying to as well! Green Post is an awesome Etsy vendor that makes plantable tags and upcycled (Definition: recycled for a new purpose) magnets. I'm madly in love with the tags. They would be so great for place cards turned favors that your guests can plant post-wedding. Those number tags, can you say table numbers? The magnets are fab favors too and they are made in the coolest way! Green Post takes bills, receipts and other junk paper and upcycles them to make these adorable little magnets. Pretty amazing, huh? Check it out, fall in love, and most importantly, be green!

{All Products and Images from Green Post's Etsy Shop}

Be sure to visit Green Post's Etsy shop to see all the goodies they offer!

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  1. Kelly! You have inspired! A great find, thanks for the heads up on this shop.


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