Thursday, March 25, 2010

Etsy Wedding: Old, New and Something Blue

Yesterday I had the unbelievable opportunity to attend Making Things Happen here in DC. Wow is all I can say. For those of you that don't know what MTH is, it's an intensive for wedding industry professionals who want to better their business and their lives by getting fired up and, yes, making things happen. That really doesn't describe it though, it's so much more than words can express. But more on that later... tomorrow's post will be devoted entirely to what I learned and what's going to be happening here on Notable as a result!

Since I had such a crazy, intense, life-changing day yesterday (and a pretty crazy week as well) I'm not bringing you a full Etsy wedding as promised but rather a few little gems I found to fulfill your something blue (and old, or new!). If you're still sticking to the timeless old, new, borrowed and blue tradition, Etsy is a GREAT, and I mean GREAT source for any and all of the above (well, borrowed might be a stretch, but, you get the point). Enjoy and come back tomorrow for my MTH round-up!

{1. Barrette by Kirsten Kuehn Designs,  2. Bottle Collection by Lisa's Retro Style, 3. Seamstress Pack by La Pomme Vintage, 4. Vintage Mail Box by Sputnik-A-Go-Go, 5. Teacups by Time for Treasures, 6. Screenprinted Ties by Cyberoptix Tie lab, 7. Vintage Dress by Clever Nettle, 8. Hat by Carolina Roses, 9. Damask Frame by Socktopus Creations

Aspiring to Inspire,


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  1. Thank you for aspiring to inspire, and for featuring my vintage shop while at it. Cheers!


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