Monday, March 29, 2010

Notables: Berries!

Last week I did this citrus wedding and, well, I've kind of been on a fruit kick ever since. This could be because I went to the grocery store today and the strawberries looked edible (and affordable) now that it's getting closer to their peek season. Anyone who knows me knows I love strawberriesBut not only do they taste good, berries (all berries, not just my favorites) make interesting and stunning wedding decor! Of course, if your using them for the decor you might as well let your guests enjoy a few berry treats too. Check out these berry ideas that work both on your plate, and off it!

{Berry Wedding Cake via Martha Stewart Weddings}

{Strawberry Ring Shot by HH Fine Arts Photography via Southern Weddings}

{Currant Display via Country Living}

{Boutonnieres via D Magazine}

{Bouquet Shot by Kate Harrison via Wedding Chicks}

{Berry Basket Favors via Martha Stewart Weddings}

{Strawberries and Champagne via Bon Vivant}

{Berry Cupcakes Shot by Jose Villa}

I saved some of the best berry inspiration for tomorrow when I'll be bringing you a berry and gingham (my all. time. favorite. fabric.) wedding! Think... Smucker's! 

Aspiring to Inspire,


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