Friday, May 14, 2010

A Day with Martha Stewart and Vera Wang

If you follow me on twitter, you know I had quite the exciting day on Wednesday when I ventured to my {second} favorite city, New York! I thought it would be fun to take a step out of the wedding inspiration world and share my day with you all! In fact, it may not all be wedding related but the day ended with quite a bang when I got to sit in on an event with the one, the only, Vera Wang. Now, I may not have unleashed my obsession, admiration and total I-worship-the-ground-she-walks-on love for her, but I guess no better time then the present! Before I start gushing and gushing about her (and sharing a few videos of her interview!), lets start at the very beginning, The Martha Stewart Show!

It was a bright and early morning (5 am wake up call!) but well worth it! The studio was essentially my dream world complete with a prep kitchen, TV kitchen, craft area and gardening station!

Martha did a little cooking, a little crafting and a how-to for a gardening apron and as soon as we knew it the show was over! It was live, and in fact I was chosen to ask a wedding question on air, but due to the live nature of the show, they ran out of time! Martha stuck around after the show and answered several audience questions and well, it was pretty exciting to be in the same room as the queen of crafting!

We took a little Soho snack & shopping break before we headed uptown to Bloomingdales. If you are in New York, and haven't tried Baked by Melissa yet, close the computer and head over there now. Right now. They are the most moist cupcakes I have ever tasted, and they are bite size (literally), so you can try a more than one!

Now for the best part, and the part you have all been waiting for! The event I attended was in celebration of Vera Wang's 20 years in the wedding industry (both fashion and fine china) and it was held at the Bloomingdales NYC flagship. We first checked out the 11 Vera dresses that were chosen to be displayed at Bloomies, and one of my all time favorites was included! In my opinion, Vera's fall 2010 collection was one of her best, ever, and my favorite gown from the line was on display...

Did you pass out from sheer amazement yet? Ok, stay with me!

A few of my other favorites...

The event culminated with a "conversation" with Vera herself (Oh. Wow.) and lucky for you all, I took a few videos of her answering questions about her experience in the bridal fashion industry! I suggest you turn up your volume because they are may be a bit hard to hear!

Vera on her favorite dress {and her very own wedding dress!}...

Vera on her black wedding dress...

Vera on dressing celebrities on their big day...

Seeing one of my biggest idols and most adored individuals in the industry, in person, was utterly amazing and I am so glad I got to share a piece of my exciting day with you! If you are lucky enough to live in, or around, Manhattan, the Vera Wang gowns will be on display through June 6th on the 4th floor of Bloomingdales (59th & Lex) and they are really worth seeing! Enjoy your beautiful weekend!

Aspiring to Inspire,


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