Thursday, May 6, 2010

Etsy Wedding: Retro Diner Inspiration!

A lot of people live for those special nights when they go out to a 5-star restaurant and order the most expensive thing on the menu... Well, I'm not one of them. In fact, my favorite place to eat may just be a diner. They're often open 24 hours and serve breakfast all day long. Life just doesn't get much better! So today's Etsy wedding was inspired by a retro, 1950s style diner. I decided to veer away from red and do a little black, white and teal and used this image from City Light Photography (Have you entered the giveaway yet?) as my inspiration!

This vintage floral dress is so perfect I could cry-- great for a maid of honor! A little bow action for the bride and flower girl and some record inspired accessories for the whole bridal party (men included)!

{1. Vintage 1950s Dress by LipStick Whisky, 2. Record Cufflinks by Dabble Designs, 3. Record Cuff by Eye Pop Art, 4. Record Bowl by Deliverance05, 5. Flower Girl Dress by Elsje Boer, 6. Bow Dress by ShugaRose, 7. Anemone Hair Clip by DK Designs}  8. Hat Box by Sarah Anntiques, 9. Checkered Bow Tie by Xander Design Shop}

Serve a signature cocktail in vintage coke bottles with a fun striped straw! Set up a photo booth with these diner-style stools and provide tons of records for your guests to sign with their well wishes! Stick to black and white for the florals (couldn't resist throwing in those anemones) and place cards and then pop the table with teal accents-- like plates, napkins and table numbers!

{1. Aqua Stools by Johnny Vintage, 2. Anemone Photo by Kari Herer Photography, 3. Vintage Coke Bottles by My Sweet Savannah, 4. Vintage Cadillac Ad by Arcanium Antiques, 5. Toy Record Player Print by City Light Photography, 6. Place Cards by The Posh Event, 7. Record by Mod Podule Vintage, 8. Wall Phone by Zen Hen, 9. 1950s Radio by Johnny Vintage}

Giveaway Reminder!! See that fantastic record player photo? YOU could win a print of it (or another of your choice!) in our giveaway from City Light Photography! Click HERE to enter!

Aspiring to Inspire,



  1. I am loving the black, white and aqua colors. Anemones are my favorite. And you can never go wrong with a hat box!

  2. Like you, I love diners! Really, I'd eat breakfast three times a day. Love the aqua!

  3. This is so fun! Thanks for featuring my record cuff!

  4. Just found this! What a beautiful feature. Thank you for including me!!! I want to be in that wedding.


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