Monday, May 3, 2010

Notables: Red Gingham & Aqua for a Good Cause

In case you missed my tweets yesterday, I was helping out Janice Carnevale of Bellwether Events with a very special tablescape. She is a part of Relay For Life and one of the fundraising events leading up to the walk is a tea. Any team participating in Relay For Life is able to buy a table at the tea and decorate it as they please. Now, of course we didn't just do any ordinary tea setup... we did iced tea, inspired by this color inspiration I posted a few weeks back...

{See the original post here for image credits}

Yep, we chose red gingham and vibrant aqua and the table turned out fantastic! But the best part is, it was for a great, great cause.

We simply hemmed gingham fabric for the tablecloth, trimmed the votive holders with ribbon and served iced tea, sweet tea and lemonade!

Berry cartons trimmed with mini gingham ribbon!

I DIY'd the cupcake stands... look for a full tutorial later this week!

Of course, we had to incorporate my favorite Ball jars, filled with simple white florals...

And last but not least, who could resist a little Georgetown Cupcake?

Now that's an adorable twist on a picnic if I've ever seen one! Don't forget... look for a tutorial on the DIY'd cupcake stands later this week, come back Wednesday for Notable's first ever giveaway (you're gonna want to see this one!) and check out Relay For Life to find out how you can get involved too!

Aspiring to Inspire,



  1. I couldn't have done it without you Kelly! The tablecloth set the tone, so thank goodness you know how to sew. And you were the one to find the awesome ribbon that everyone loved on the berry cartons. Kudos to you! Thanks for driving all the way out to Woodbridge to help me!

  2. The red gingham reminds me of summer! I love it! Also, the cupcake stands are adorable. Good work.


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