Thursday, June 3, 2010

Etsy Bridal Shower: Flirty, Sweet and Good Enough to Eat!

It's time for me to admit... I have a little bit of a sweet tooth. Ok, a really big sweet tooth. I'm that girl that lives for dessert and I can't help but be inspired by all the delectable goodies I drool over daily. Come on, I know I'm not alone here, right? And today's sweet treat of choice... candy! Classic and cute, a pastel-hued candy shoppe would make a bridal shower that's, well, good enough to eat!

The best thing about candy is that you can totally decorate with it too! Take a cue from this unbelievable snapshot and fill glass jars with treats in all sorts of flirty colors. These act perfectly as centerpieces with on top a polka dotted tablecloth! This is the perfect time to use ribbon and garlands for your decor, tie a slue of pretty colors on the back of each chair or around place settings (or both!). If you're having an intimate shower with your closest friends, have each bring their favorite classic candy or treat (enough for all the guests) and set up a very personal candy bar for everyone to share! Provide these perfect bags so guests can take over the leftovers, too!

{1. Candy Photograph by Lola's Room, 2. Gauze Top by Naomi Lingerie, 3. Pastel Plates by De Epoca, 4. Garland by The Finicky Frog, 5. Ribbon Tape by Wonderland Room, 6. Labels by TwoGirlzStuff, 7. Flower Photograph by AL Photography, 8. Vegan Flats by The Generation, 9. Yellow Gift Bags by C Custom Creations, 10. Sock Garters by SWAN Clothing}

And, I had to include a few, unique things for your "unofficial" registry too! Like this adorable lingerie and these sock garters! The flats are so sweet, and vegan too!

Aspiring to Inspire,


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