Monday, June 28, 2010

Notables: Chevron Patterns

After a very fun and relaxing birthday celebration, I'm back with one of my current favorite patterns... Chevron! I have a few Chevron projects planned for my apartment (DIY chevron rug anyone? Don't worry, I'll post pictures!) and the fabulousness of chevron certainly doesn't need to stop at my front door. Chevron is fantastic for weddings, too! Let's see, I guess you could call it a spiced up version of classic stripes, perfect for invitation motifs, placecard displays or any (and all) of your linens! Color options are endless too, just the way I like it!

{Chevron Wall Art via Crafter-Holic}

{Chevron Dessert Table by Amy Atlas}

{Chevron Fabric by Home Sweet}

{Chevron Stationery via The Knot}

{Chevron Tray by A Fabulous Fete}

{DIY Chevron Table via This Is Glamorous}

{Chevron "Keg Corset" via Once Wed}

Aspiring to Inspire,


1 comment:

  1. Fantastic! I love Chevron patterns, always makes me think of Twin Peaks.


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