Thursday, July 29, 2010

Etsy Wedding: An Art Inspired Wedding

Lately I've been longing for those days when I actually had time to sit down and sketch or paint. (Will there ever be enough hours in the day?) So, I'm living vicariously through this Etsy wedding which is all about bright colors, paint splatters and everything in between. This is for the art loving couple that isn't afraid of bright hues and doesn't want anything to do with tradition. Why not boast a bouquet of Sola wood flowers. Yes, I said wood flowers. Pop your shoes, and his tie, with some splatters and get those 'maids in the brightest thing you can find. Mini wooden paint palettes for placecards and those awesome paint-swatch books for favors. Name each table after a different and unique hue and paint a mini canvas to step-in as a pseudo table number. Of course, what could be more perfect a wedding then this for an art inspired guest book? Blow up a picture, print the outline on a canvas, grid it and have each guest paint their own square. Tada! A painter's paradise!

{1. Purple Sola Wood Flowers by NotionsNThings, 2. Orange Sola Wood Flowers by NotionsNThings, 3. Paint Sample Notebooks by Crab Apple Design, 4. Bow Dress by Nandinoo, 5. Paintbrush Photo by A Peace of Cake, 6. Art Splattered Pumps by You Should Be In Sweden, 7. Wedding Dress by The Peppermint Pretty, 8. Palette Cutouts by Perennial Crafts, 9. Mini Canvases by Grafix, 10. Flower Pot Photograph by Rebecca Plotnick, 11. Modern Art Tie by k.j.m. Silks

Aspiring to Inspire,


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