Monday, August 30, 2010

Notables: Book Inspired Wedding Decor to Kick Off Book Week!

Oh boy, are you all in for an exciting week! I've been wanting to do a book-inspired wedding week for a very long time and it's finally time to share the literary love! Today we're going to start off with some book-inspired decor and the rest of the week I'll be bringing you some inspiration based on some of my very favorite books... everything from Madeline to Jane Eyre! And, if all goes well... Thursday I am going to have an extra special bonus surprise for everyone!

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Turn books into table numbers and craft book pages into elaborate centerpieces (see the wreath below!). Stack books on your dessert bar or use a card catalog to organize your place cards. If your budget allows, buy copies of your favorite book as a favor for guests (see what kind of discount you can get for buying in bulk!), and stick a little thank you label inside! Now for some inspiration...

Aspiring to Inspire,


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