Wednesday, September 1, 2010

As Seen On Etsy {Book Week}: The Great Gatsby Inspiration

The Great Gatsby is my favorite book... and probably one of the only ones that I continued reading in high school past the first chapter. Yes, as many of you know... it is that good. Now, I don't love the movie, but the all-white room in that house makes me want to cry with happiness. Gorgeous, glamorous... it pretty much brought my visions of the book to life. That said, if you are looking told an all white wedding with a little 1920s inspiration, please oh please take your cue from this eloquent book. I've added a little extra glamour, and, of course, I've found a few things on Etsy to start you off...

{Great GatsbyPlace Cards by Crescent Moon PaperNecklace by Bella Lu and Me, Art Deco Print by Matou En PelucheFascinator via Kirsten Kuehn Designs, Cufflinks by The Lazy PeacockInvitations by Golden Rectangle Press}

Aspiring to Inspire,


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  1. I watched the movie first but I picked up the book from the library two weeks ago! I love the movie, if only for the beautiful props. It's visually stunning! I'm so glad you brought it to life!!


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