Thursday, September 9, 2010

Etsy Wedding: Bold Black & White with Pops of Color

Inspired by yesterday's As Seen on Etsy feature, I'm going for bold, graphic black and white prints as today's jumping off point. Isn't that black & white chevron flower girl dress to die for!? Mix up bold stripes, houndstooth and anything else eye-popping for your vases. Or, just buy plain white ones and paint your own patterns on them! Since we're prepping for fall, I thought this wedding was perfect for a slight apple motif, perhaps in your centerpieces, or just as your place cards and cake topper. Don't forget bright red flowers and modern cupcake toppers to seal the deal! (Yes, I did suggest a cake topper and cupcake toppers... there's nothing wrong with both!)

{1. Hat by Penorus, 2. Flower Photo by Walter Helena Photography, 3. Apple Cake Topper by Middleburg Folk Art Studio, 4. Dress by Ouma, 5. Wreath by Knock.Knocking, 6. Card by Whitney Rae Paper, 7. Striped Vase by Kristenkswanson, 8. Apple Photo by  Nineteen Six Four, 9. Custom Cupcake Toppers by Milla Love, 10. Chevron Dress by The Measure

Aspiring to Inspire,


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