Tuesday, October 26, 2010

As Seen on Etsy: USB Typewriter

I was watching the Maker Faire episode of Martha Stewart yesterday and saw too many awesome inventors to count... and then I saw the inventor of the USB Typewriter. And I am still in awe. Jack Zylkin has turned those awesome vintage typewriters we see in so many wedding shoots lately, into totally function keyboards for your computer or iPad! I am head over heels for his idea of mixing two completely different generations into one awesome product. Holy cow! It is quite the splurge to buy an already converted typewriter, but he also offers converter kits if you or your beau are the DIY techy type! If you can afford to drop the time or cash, what an interesting guestbook this would make! The perfect compromise if you love your vintage finds and your fiance loves anything technological. Sound familiar, anyone?

 Aspiring to Inspire,


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