Friday, January 22, 2010

Translation, Weddings: Fuchsia, Periwinkle, White & Gold

I'm trying a little something new here today, courtesy of my late night-overactive mind. I use a ton of interior design inspiration for my wedding inspiration boards but I thought today I would show exactly how to translate simple elements of beautiful interiors into a cohesive wedding concept in my new series, "Translation, Weddings." I want all your thoughts on this idea! Do you like it, not like, seen it before, suggestions for room inspiration? Like I said, I thought of it about 12 hours ago so it's a work in progress!

For the first round, I found this scrumptious fuchsia and periwinkle living room full of rich textures and great white and gold accents! It provided so many great translations for wedding elements so let me walk you through a few of them! I adore the floor-to-ceiling curtains in this room and immediately thought of a delicately gathered periwinkle bridesmaid dress-- Vera Wang came to the rescue with this one. I took the cue from the fireplace's multiple layers for an idea for a little treat- white on white macaroons- topped with a sliver of gold a la the pillows and chair trim. The prints from the rug and chairs provided for the groomsmen's ties and place cards. The plush plush couches have so many tones of periwinkle, just like this bouquet and of course the pop of fuchsia in those fabulous ottomans would be a great way to brighten the invitations and the tablescape!

Click the Image to Enlarge!
{Inspirational Room via Gathering Spriggs, 1. Vera Wang Bridesmaid Dress 2. Bottle Collection by Sara Paloma via Etsy, 3. White Macaroons via Ritzy Bee, 4. White Dining Chair by Signature Event Rentals, 5. Purple Paisley Tie by Tie One On via Etsy, 6. & 7. Invitations and Place Cards by CECI New York  8. Periwinkle Bouquet via Martha Stewart Weddings, 9. Fuchsia Floral Photo by Punam Bean via Once Wed}

Interior design and weddings aren't all that different- they act as spaces filled with colors and items that reflect you- you just happen to live in one of them and say "I do" at the other! I hope you enjoyed this, I had a ton of fun picking apart this fantastic space! Expect more Translation, Weddings in the future!

Aspiring to Inspire,


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