Wednesday, February 3, 2010

As Seen on Etsy: Flowering Tree Botanicals

Tomorrow's Etsy Wedding is inspired by lavender and today's As Seen on Etsy vendor offers just that, and so much more! Flowering Tree Botanicals specializes in not only herbs, spices, teas, snacks, dried flowers and potpourri but also in candles, bath products and fragrances. For today, I'm going to focus specifically on her herb, tea and flower products but be sure to check out her other items here!

Aside from the fragrant dried lavender, which will be a focal point of tomorrow's post, Flowering Tree Botanicals offers a large assortment of dried flower petals, like roses and tulips and even dried orange peels! These would make gorgeous table decor, sprinkled around floral arrangements, filling jars and vases or lining a dessert table. One of my favorites are the dried pomegranates, ideal decor if you're serving pomegranate cocktails at your reception. Or what about the cinnamon sticks for a great scent wafting throughout your venue. For favors? Loose tea in delicate bags or sachets of potpourri made from the petals and fragrance oils. These products are a great way to add color, fragrance and texture to your wedding and at very economical prices!

{From Left, Row 1: Cinnamon Sticks, Polbosa Pods, Dried Pomegranates... Row 2: Dried Berries, Dried Orange Peel, Dried Rose Petals... Row 3: Dried Lavender, Cedar Roses, Loose Pomegranate Green Tea}
{All Images via Flowering Tree Botanicals Etsy Shop}

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