Monday, February 22, 2010

Notables: Fragrance Bars

I talk a lot about dessert bars, candy bars and even showed you a spice bar here... but have you ever thought about a fragrance bar for your wedding? There are a million and one options for any price point and it's one "bar" that you won't see at every other wedding you attend. Here's two of my favorite options, modify as you please!

{Use this image from Los Angeles' Scent Bar as inspiration!}

If you want to go for the extreme, choose a create-your-own style perfume and cologne bar. To monitor it: hire a professional perfumer or have a friend or family member take a perfume making class (yes, they offer them!). Then, provide a selection of essential oils and allow your guests to design their own fragrance. They can choose the scents they want included (with suggestions from the professional) and watch a travel-sized version of their own perfume or cologne come to life! Be sure to provide vintage glass bottles, like these from Etsy, for guests to cart their fragrances home in!
{Essential Oils by Fig Leaf Soap}

{Miniature Glass Bottles by SteampunkAsunder}

Want to offer more options than just perfume and cologne? Why not create an aromatherapy bar. Rather than allowing guests to mix their own scents, provide a wide selection of bath products, home sprays and traditional fragrances for them to choose. Purchase therapeutic candles, soaps, colognes and home fragrances on websites like Etsy or create your own using readily available recipes, like the ones found here.
{Oakmoss Blend Botanical Soap by Oak Moss}

{Essential Oils by Rose City Soap & Supply}

{Aromatherapy Spray by La Conchita Naturals}

What do you think? Would you consider a fragrance bar at your wedding? I think it makes a great addition to a cocktail hour as an interactive activity, with a useful favor to take home! There are endless options... you can stick to scented soaps, pre-made fragrances or offer any mixture of the above suggestions. And it's no secret that everyone could use a little spritz of fragrant goodness after dancing all night long!

Aspiring to Inspire,


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  1. I think this is a darling and VERY original way to give favors that will last a long time after the wedding is over. It's also super cool to help get people to "break the ice" and entertain guests. Thanks for posting. Nice blog.


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