Wednesday, March 17, 2010

As Seen on Etsy: High Street Market

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Since I've been on an Irish kick the past two days, I decided to move on to a new topic for this As Seen on Etsy... one of my all time favorite Etsy vendors. Yep, I've been holding out on you... so behold, High Street Market, an Etsy vendor providing the BEST vintage finds for your wedding (and your future home!). 

Tomorrow's Etsy wedding has an elegant, Equestrian feel and I knew just where to look for some great vintage pieces to complement it. High Street Market seems to find everything-- from great milk glass pieces to brass and silver beauties like the ones you'll see featured tomorrow. Let's see where shall I start? How about with this refurbish bulletin board set in that stunning white frame. Can you say guest book (have guests pin up notes on aged paper)? What about a place card display? The platters and vessels (and those candlestick holders!) are easily and fabulously incorporated into tablescapes and the blue and white china... don't get me started!

Simply in need of inspiration? Why not pull ideas from the floral tray or that awesome globe? If you're as in love as I am, you can head over to High Street Market's very own blog for some more great ideas.

And don't forget! Come back tomorrow for Ralph Lauren style on a DIY budget!

Aspiring to Inspire,


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  1. Hey Kelly! Got to hang out with your parents tonight...real excited to add your blog to my blogstalking list!


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