Thursday, March 18, 2010

Etsy Wedding: A Vintage Equestrian Affair

What I'm bringing you today is so totally... completely... unrecognizably different from anything I've done on Notable Inspiration and I'm SO excited about it! I live right across the street from a gorgeous Ralph Lauren store and every time I go in I secretly want to live the RL lifestyle-- specifically that polo-playing, equestrian one. Maybe in my next life? For now I'm living vicariously through this equestrian wedding I created for you all, complete with lots of leather and rich shades of burgundy, emerald and navy.

I just had to look to Sarah Seven again for the bridal attire. Both dresses= To Die For! What about hiding a vintage pair of riding boots underneath those flowing gowns? A dapper groom in a subtle-plaid blazer and bold striped tie and of course a little plaid bow tie for the ring bearer! This vintage leather stud box makes a great stand-in for a ring pillow too! A little nod to the beautiful horses in the accessories and this affair is complete, with the tip of your velvet riding hat!

{1. Vintage Leather Stud Box by Vintage Pretty Things, 2. Plaid Bow Tie by The Bag Basement, 3. Ring by Studio Number Two, 4. Wedding Gown by Sarah Seven, 5. Navy Dress by Sarah Seven, 6. Vintage Riding Boots by Thrush, 7. Necklace by Contraray 8. Vintage Sport Coat by Good Grace, 9. Striped Wool Tie by The Dapper Apple, 10. Velvet Riding Hat by Alice Ave, 11. Vintage Leather Belt by Loving Lola, 12. Equestrian Cufflinks by Cool Curios, 13. Brooch by Uncaged Burt}

Here's how I envision the reception: long tables and bench chairs accented with distressed leather pillows. Leather vessels amongst jewel-hued glass jars and a few true equestrian artifacts sprinkled about for a truly authentic feel. To balance out the richness of these colors, some brass candlesticks will stand tall and elegant and for your favors none other then little leather journals (write the menu on the first page for a two-in-one money saver!).
{1. Leather Box by Atelier Achard Leather, 2. Leather Covered Brush by Jolly Time One, 3. Horse Bit Shadowbox by Bit and Bee,  4. Stationery Suite by Southern Fete Creative, 5. Leather Journals by Mooshchen 6. Leather Napkin Rings by Lillypop Designs, 7. Vintage Fountain Pens by Secondseed, 8. Leather Covered Glass Bottle by Donkee House, 9. Handpainted Box by Eclecticasia Creation, 10. Mason Jars by Antlers Out on a Limb, 11. Leather Pillow by Fine Thangz, 12. Brass Candlesticks by High Street Market}

Everyone ready to go saddle-up their horse? I'll see you there!

Aspiring to Inspire,



  1. Here's some cool blogs by some cool women that are rocking some wedding blogs...

  2. Absolutely beaUtiful wedding theme!! (and unique! I don't think I've ever seen an equestrian themed wedding blog post/article/etc... fabulous!) Your picks are perfect. :)


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