Monday, March 15, 2010

Notables: Lucky Charms

I'm back from a marvelous vacation and ready to bring you some fab inspiration this week. Of course, I can't overlook the upcoming St. Patrick's Day on Wednesday. My last name may be Italian, but the freckles on my face really say it all... I'm Irish too! Now, I don't want to just throw a ton of shamrocks and leprechauns at you and call it a day... instead I thought I'd take a cue from another theme of the Irish-- Luck! Everyone can use a little luck on their big day so why not guarantee it by incorporating a teensy touch of a very special lucky charm!

Before we get to the sophisticated goodness, I couldn't resist these lucky charm cupcakes. Don't deny it... I know every single one of you relished the days that you were allowed to pick just the marshmallows out of this classic cereal! So, why not incorporate it into your big day? They would be a great favor... get the mini, travel-sized box, wrap it up in your fabric of choice and attach a tiny silver lucky charm like the ones from this delicious wedding shot by Tec Petaja! It will make a great day-after breakfast for those who can't make it to the traditional brunch!
{Lucky Charms via Flickr}
{Lucky Charm Cupcakes via Flickr}
{Charms Shot by Tec Petaja}

Rewind a bit from the reception to your bridal shower and incorporate a traditional charm cake! Martha mentioned this in the latest MS Weddings issue (which, by the way, if you haven't picked it up yet, you must. Right now, I better see all of you trekking out to get it, rain or shine!). Bake a simple bunt cake and place little good luck charms in the center, attached to a special message, with a feminine ribbon flowing over the cake. One for each guest-- easy and interactive, the perfect combination!
{Charm Cake via Martha Stewart Weddings}
{Charm Cake via Australia Entertains}

Now, each of the following ideas incorporates a specific good luck charm. You can find all the charms I used at Dogeared, a darling little jewelry company who's been promoting wishing and good luck for quite some time! These delicate necklaces make excellent bridesmaid gifts! Accompanying each charming bauble are a few other ideas for incorporating these lucky symbols into your lovely day! Think ladybug rain boots and horseshoe boutonnieres!

{Ladybug Boot Image via Flickr}
{Ladybug Cake via The Knot}

{Plantable Tags by Green Post via Etsy}
{Maple-Star Anise Mousse via Dessert First}


{Horseshoe Boutonniere via Wedding Overdose Blog}
{Vintage Horseshoe Pen Holder by Bluebell via Etsy}


{Wishbones by Something's Hiding in Here via Etsy}

{Wishbone Postcards by Threefold via Etsy}

and of course... Four Leaf Clovers
{Shamrock Drink Shot via Style Me Pretty}
{Vintage Clover Paper Poker Chips by Azsolla via Etsy}

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