Wednesday, April 21, 2010

As Seen On Etsy: City Light Photography

Well, today's Etsy vendor did my work for me. Talk about notable inspiration! City Light Photography has image after image that have color palettes, themes and feelings built right in. I can think of a gorgeous wedding for each and every image below. Several of these photos are available in notecard sets, perfect for favors! Or, buy a full size print as your inspiration and incorporate it into the background of a DIY'd photobooth for your guests. Purchase a few and gift them to your bridesmaids in a fab frame. So many options and never-ending inspiration. I think, I'm in love!

{All Photographs from City Light Photography's Etsy Shop}

Since I could really do weddings off of all of these (and hmm, I just might!), it was tough to pick one as my inspiration for tomorrow's Etsy affair. Finally, I decided to go off of the license plate snapshot- figured it's pretty fitting to continue the travel theme after yesterday's post! Check back tomorrow for the full scoop!

Aspiring to Inspire,


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