Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Color Inspiration: Mary Poppins

There's been a lot of Alice fever going around lately and I think its time another Disney classic got a little attention. A Disney classic by the name of Mary Poppins instantly came to mind. From the outstanding Julie Andrews (Can I come back as her in my next life?) to the more recent run on Broadway, this high flying nanny provides a little inspiration for a big, I-wish-I-never-grew-up kinda wedding. The recipe for this affair: one part tea party on the ceiling, one part carousel come to life and two teaspoons of sugar.

{From top left: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}

The theme here is clearly not matchy-matchy. Rather it's all about crazy colors and a little bit of black and white for good measure. Now I know this flower girl ensemble is a teeny bit literal (OK, a lot literal) but really, how could I resist? For the rest of the wedding party, take the "pop" of that infamous red and white striped jacket and turn it into trim for your florals. Replace flower girl baskets with teacups, of course and a vintage carousel necklace for the bride. Saving the best part for last, you must buy this blazer for a prop in your photos. Look closely (click the image to make it larger!) and it has a famous saying from Ms. Poppins.

{1. Mary Poppins Tutu by All the Fuss, 2. Image via Busy Being Fabulous, 3. Boutonniere by Fritts Rosenow, 4. Boys Jacket via Janie and Jack, 5. Bouquet via Martha Stewart Weddings, 6. Umbrella Couple by The Observatory Photography via Bellwether Events, 7. Vintage Carousel Necklace by MD Sparks, 8. Mug via Anthropologie, 9. Mary Poppins Jacket by Dinwiddies}

If I don't get invited to a reception like this at some point in my life, I may be a little upset. It is just so FUN. The whole Mary Poppins inspiration began from this umbrella image that I almost dropped dead over. Take a cue from it and hang umbrellas over your tables. Replace vases with teacups and sugar jars and turn pixie stix (a stick-full of sugar?) into flower stems. Monogram the teacups to spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious for an extra special touch. If you can find a venue with an old carousel, just some horses plucked from one or even simply some stationery with these magical ponies on it, you are all set. Finish off your whimsical, storybook affair with a Barberhsop Quartet and a few beautiful park-like benches.

{1. Umbrella Shot via Oh Brooke, 2. Barbershop Quartet via 4 in a Bar, 3. Sugar Holder via Anthropologie, 4. Bench by Terrain, 5. Notecards by Jen and Vera, 6. Pixie Stick Flower Stems via Disney FamilyFun, 7. Monogrammed Mugs via Anthropologie, 8. Measuring Spoons Photo by Picky Photo, 9. Carousel Shot via Flickr

Ta-da! Fun, fabulous and totally original. Who has that song stuck in their head now?

Aspiring to Inspire,



  1. So many things popped into my head while reading this post. First is my favorite Disney movie might be The Fox and The Hound. Not sure how that would inspire a wedding! (stationery images come to mind I guess) Then I thought of Peter Pan - the ultimate "never grow up" movie. Finally I remembered the awesome carousel at Glen Echo Park, where many weddings are held each year. You did another great job here Kelly. I can't wait to find the right client to have a Mary Poppins wedding!

  2. I love this design/theme - the Anthropologie mugs are classically wonderful! And the flower girl dress and hat is just perfect for the theme!


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