Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Color Inspiration: Vibrant Hues & Antique Gold

When I was flea market-ing this weekend I saw a ton of antique gold vanity mirrors and ornate gold frames. I wanted them all (not practical...) and thought they would be such amazing decor for a wedding. But what to pair them with? Then I saw this unbelievable flowered wall on Oh Joy! and well, the rest is history. Everyone meet fresh, vibrant flowers and ornate, antique gold!

Every bridesmaid must wear a different color. Each with different color flats, and each with a bouquet of another color. See the pattern here? The bride can don a little Lanvin and a bouquet that combines all the maids flowers. For the boutonnieres, I think a few petals pinned to the suit from all different flowers would be divine. Pop the vibrant colors with gold jewelry and trimmings!

{1. Wedding Dress by Lanvin via NET-A-PORTER, 2. Flats by Lanvin via Barneys, 3. Bouquet Shot by Jeremy Lawson Photography via Style Me Pretty, 4. Pocket Watch by Crafters Emporium, 5. Petal Image via Eat Drink Chic, 6. Ring Bearer Bowl by Paloma's Nest, 7. Flower Girl Dress by J. Crew,  8. Chain Necklace by Kiamichi7, 9, 10 & 11. Dresses All Anthropologie}

The reception is where all the ornate, antique gold is really the star. See the mantle of flowers in glass vessels? Transport that directly to long tables and intersperse standing gold mirrors to add some welcomed drama. If your venue allows, I would just die to see flowers hanging from above alongside golden ribbon and vintage lighting. And why not bring the vibrant effect to your drinks, with flower ice cubes. How. Cute. This is the perfect wedding for gifting your guests with bags of flower seeds to plant in their own gardens. Tie a vintage gold charm on each packet for good luck!

{1. Floral Display via Ada & Darcy, 2. Colorful Vintage Lamps via Please Sir, 3. Vintage Vanity Mirror by Vintage Chic Furniture, 4. Vintage Pendant Lamp via Paris Hotel Boutique, 5. Flowered Wall Image via Oh Joy!, 6. Flower Ice Cubes via Show Me Vegan, 7. Table Shot by Heather Kincaid via Style Me Pretty, 8. Vintage Mirror by Hounddog Goodies, 9. Ribbon Decor Image via Once Wed}

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  1. Greta post again, Kelly! You see so much more than I do, every time. I love those gold antique mirrors!


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