Friday, April 9, 2010

Weddings, Etc.: Video Shoot Sneak Peak!

I've been dropping little hints about a special project I've been working. For a class I'm taking I've been asked to make a video and well, I thought, what a great opportunity to work on a little eye candy for my readers. Well, finally, finally, I was able to shoot said video and I have a little photo preview of it for you today!

Now, I created a tablescape. My first real tablescape. Ever. Yep, I said it, my mind is overflowing with ideas all the time (as I hope you see on this blog daily!) but this was my first time actually styling a table, offline, all by myself. Of course I had my styling assistant, AKA my mom, and my resident photographer, AKA my dad, there for help. Why oh why would I tell you that I'm a first timer? Well, I want to show that really anyone can work with what they have, with or without experience, and create an awesome look for their wedding.

My concept was mixing bright bold elements with natural, organic pieces. I mixed calla lilies and wheat, muslin and tulle, glass vessels and vintage costume jewelry. The palette: amber, eggplant and aqua. I'll provide all the little details (a few Etsy finds, a few flea market treasures and a little DIY by yours truly) when I post the finished video in a few weeks. For now, enjoy a few of my favorite shots from the day!

Aspiring to Inspire,



  1. You never fail to impress me more and more each day :)

    love, me

  2. Good job making tulle look good Kelly! Next time I style a table, you are coming with me. PS, people totally underestimate the wind. Nothing is worse that when you can't keep a ketubah on an easel, a chuppah upright, or $300 floral arrangements on the pedestals because of the wind.

    xoxo Janice

  3. Beautiful Job!! I could use your help around here.


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