Thursday, April 8, 2010

Etsy Wedding: A Country Brunch

I don't know about you, but brunch is without a doubt my favorite meal. Ever. In fact, I would only eat brunch (Ok, really breakfast but brunch makes it acceptable after noon) if I could. I know there's traditionally a day-after brunch during your wedding weekend, but I'm all about non-traditional here right? So why not a wedding brunch? Preferably set in the backyard of a quaint cottage for an intimate country affair.

For this country brunch, I suggest a palette of pretty purples and leafy greens with floral prints and wicker accents. Purple floral dresses for the 'maids and green accents for the men. A wicker basket for your rings and a fabulously textured bouquet.

{1. Dress by Fashion Loft, 2. Basket by Zipidydodah, 3. Dried Flower Bouquet Ball by New Hampshire Woods Creations, 4. Flower Hair Clip by Lucy Goosey Creations, 5. Dress by Fashion Loft, 6. Reversible Jumper by Sassy Sweeties, 7. Vintage Belt by Girl Least Likely Vintage, 8. Lace Dress by Snow in October, 9. Necklace by Ruby Rouge Jewellery, 10. Vintage Tie by Uncommon Vintage}

Bring in more wicker baskets for your floral arrangements, which should be filled with all sorts of purple pretties (Think lilac, hydrangea.. delicate but impactful). I was inspired by this ribbon, featured in yesterday's post, and think it would be for accenting, well, everything. Choose benches that look like they came right of the front porch of a Southern mansion. And now for the food. How about a sophisticated cereal bar? Yes, I just said that. Think granola and other organic mixes and supplement with milk in wicker covered bottles and greek yogurt. A wide selection of tea, it even matches the palette, and of course brunch staples like pancakes and waffles with wonderful fresh made jams. Not to forget the lunch part, offer simple salads and light mid-day appropriate dishes.
{1. Meadow Print by Gingerlillytea, 2. Lavender Potpourri by Herbolution, 3. Jasmine Green Tea by The Dream Weaver Shop,  4. Wicker Covered Bottles by Haven Vintage, 5. Lilac Photograph by Lynda Naranjo, 6. Granola Mix by Early Bird Cafe, 7. Lilac Twine by Package In Style, 8. Nesting Baskets by Dirty Birdies Vintage, 9. Chestnut Rocking Bench by New Moon Salvage, 10. Vintage Ribbon by Package In Style}

Remember, the feeling here is casual, intimate and little bit country. But if you take the risk, it could be a fabulous daytime celebration complete with the comforts of your favorite morning treats.

Aspiring to Inspire,



  1. So adorable selection! Thank you for featuring our organic Lavender Decor Potpourri!

  2. Brunch is the best. I would very much like to attend a version based on your boards!


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