Wednesday, July 21, 2010

As Seen On Etsy: The Gilded Bee

Today's post started out with me talking just about all those adorable paper flowers. I know what you're thinking... "Just those flowers... there's more?" Yep, there is. The Gilded Bee is more like a mini Etsy empire with a store overflowing with paper products that had me glued to my computer screen for hours. Let's start with the flowers... poppies and daisies to roses and dahlias... in any. color. you. want. Seriously, neutrals, pastels, vibrant hues, everything. Now the question is, what to do with them? Make an all paper bouquet, glue a pin on a bunch of poppies and use it as a boutonniere, or (if your having an intimate wedding) give each guest their own mini bouquet as a placecard turned favor.

{All Products and Images via The Gilded Bee's Etsy Shop}

Outside of the 160 flower options The Gilded Bee offers just as many varieties in other paper goodies, like cardstock buttons, tags and labels, butterflies and favor boxes. Now it's your turn to spend a few hours exploring... by clicking here.

{All Products and Images via The Gilded Bee's Etsy Shop}

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