Thursday, July 22, 2010

Etsy Wedding: Victorian Romance in Seafoam and Beige

The Victorian, romantic style can be over-the-top luxurious (Versailles, anyone?) or subtle and demure. Today, I took the latter route with a seafoam green and beige palette, complete with cameos, gold accents and even a few feathers. Typically, I would think of roses in conjunction with Victorian style, but why not do the unexpected with baby's breath bouquets instead? How about those passport (to Paris?) invitations and that statement necklace? And that cupcake you see... its actually vegan soap, think favors, favors, favors!

{1. Cameo by Poppy Loves Paris, 2. Shoe Clips by Lemon Ring, 3. Feather Fascinator by Tulet, 4. Shea Butter Soap Cupcake by Verbena Custom Blends, 5. Passport Invitation by Peacock Invitations, 6. Cufflinks by Simple Yet Elegant, 7. Children's Dress by Baby Beenos, 8. Typewriter Photo by Yvette Inufio, 9. Baby's Breath Photo by Yvette Inufio, 10. Statement Necklace by Gabrielle Louise, 11. Earrings by The Smiling Soul}

Aspiring to Inspire,


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  1. This is so lovely. Thanks so much for including my prints!


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